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Studio Portraits

Twin baby boys in front of antique bicycle         Young brothers together

Studio Portraits are one of our specialties.   Each of our portraits are created especially for the individual being photographed.   Please click on the link below to download a copy of our printed material for more complete details.

Individual Custom Printed Portraits
Size Cost Duplicate Price
20 x 30 $180.00
20 x 24 145.00
16 x 20 95.00  
11 x 14 45.00  
8 x 10 23.00 17.00
5 x 7 18.00 12.00
4 x 5, 4x6 15.00 9.00
2x3 (4up wallets) 6.00 4.00

To obtain a printable copy of our Portrait Price Schedule, please click here.

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